Makutano Nursery School - Current Challenges and Future Plans

Current Challenges and Future Plans


Makutano Nursery School

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Overall the infrastructure at Makutano Nursery School is meeting the needs of the school. If the number of students continues to grow, the school may require additional classrooms in the future (this is not currently needed). A fence around the perimeter of the school would be advantageous in the future, however the location of this school means this isn’t immediately necessary.


Future Plans:

We continue to work with Makutano Nursery School to ensure that all of the infrastructure needs are met. We will look at the possibility of installing a perimeter fence over the coming years. Overall the school is functioning well.


School Finances/Resources:


Makutano Nursery School faces some small challenges in terms of financing all of the requirements for a successful education program. School feeding programs, educational resources and teacher’s wages must all be meet using limited government funding and school fees. This issue is in no way unique to Makutano Nursery School. Over the past 4 years school fee payment by parents has continued to improve at Makutano Nursery School.


Future Plans:

Our focus with these issues is to create a completely self sufficient school at Makutano Nursery School. To address any financial issues the school faces we will focus on continuing to improve school fee payments by the parents and creating some small income generating projects at the school. These may include the installation of a small kitchen garden and/or solar panel installation so the school can charge mobile phones for a small fee (these could also be used for lights etc for the school).